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Subject: SaaS encryption best practices

Hi folks

New member to OASIS and KMIP here.. :-)

By way of introduction I was wondering if KMIP and associated technologies might be relevant to some best practices I am currently developing. To help encourage more Cloud adoption by governments, I am currently building a Cloud Maturity Model for RFPs (cloudrfp.info), and one of the sections is on SaaS encryption. 

The type of assessment criteria I'm looking to define are:

* Ability to allow the creation of unique encryption keys per tenant? 
* Ability to support tenant-generated encryption keys or tenant-encrypted data to an identity without access to a public key certificate (e.g. Identity based encryption).
* Ability to encrypt tenant data at rest (on disk/storage).
* Ability to manage encryption keys on behalf of tenants.
* Ability to maintain key management procedures. 

Any inputs appreciated, 

Kind regards,

Neil McEvoy
CEO, CloudBestPractices.net
VP Open Cloud Ecosystem

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