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Subject: Re: [kmip] Concerns with Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign and Verify

Bob, Kiran, and others ...

On the in-scope or out-of-scope item discussion and the note that most
of the focus for KMIP 1.2 is arguably outside the current charter we
resolved in the face to face that we would head down the re-charter path
removing all the out-of-scope items from the current charter for KMIP
1.2 but only commence that process after the OASIS organisation-wide
vote on the KMIP 1.1 specification was complete and that we would work
on each of the items in parallel with that process and the proposing
companies would explicitly re-contribute them (or generally
re-contribute all past contributions) prior to reaching a KMIP 1.2
specification draft.

We have in the past worked on items noted as out-of-scope and proposals
have been presented (on quite a few of the topics) and there has been no
issues raised to date that working on those items is acceptable -
provided that we do not place any out-of-scope item in a committee draft
specification - i.e. only work products.

See the brief note in the f2f day3 minutes on the topic.

It is one of the challenges we face in the face to face meetings - how
to have the details of the discussions more accessible to those who are
not present physically at the meetings. Remote participation as many
have noted is difficult. The minutes attempt to capture the key details
- but the discussions are not always able to be noted with all the nuances.

I'll respond on the scope of the cryptographic services proposal separately.


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