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Subject: client registration text

Hi –


Here’s the first cut at text intended to expand the client registration use cases, in terms of common scenarios for registering KMIP clients. It includes the 3 models that Gordon described at the face-to-face, mapped (though a bit loosely in the 3rd section) to the 3 client registration use cases that Stan wrote up for the KMIP Use Cases doc.


The thought is to include this kind of description in one of the KMIP docs: the Usage Guide, the core Profiles document or a separate Authentication Suite profile document.


A couple of points:


-          In reviewing this draft, Stan has suggested that it might be a good idea to create a more formal enumeration of these (and perhaps other) registration methods. A vendor could then (optionally) document which of the distinct registration methods  their product supports.    We haven’t incorporated that enumeration yet; I thought it would be good first to discuss the methods described in this draft, whether they do represent common approaches that we want to describe and whether it is appropriate to have something like this write-up.


-          In the text, we’ve tried to make it clear that the three client registration methods described represent common approaches, but that other approaches can also be used. Should we create a stronger statement that one or more of these defined approaches should be supported?


Comments, discussion and suggestions welcome! And thanks to everyone who provided input, both in the face-to-face and in later discussions/emails.





Attachment: KMIP Client Registration Models 16jan13.docx
Description: KMIP Client Registration Models 16jan13.docx

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