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Subject: Pilot Cases in SVN Repos

Hi All,

A quick and easy one...

Is it appropriate to come to some kind of agreement for a development pilot case(s) to be stored in our SVN area? Currently these directories are empty. This exercise could also provide potential users with vanilla XSLT's and would display a hollistic approach to modeling some artifact as it's AKN manifestation.
Over a lengthy period of time output relating to discussion and presentations during TC meeting has produced a number of excellent candidates e.g. Chile Bills for starters.

Please excuse me if this has already been agreed/established as I have unfortunately not been present in all recent TC meetings.

Thank you + see everyone tomorrow.


Glasgow Caledonian University is a registered Scottish charity, number SC021474

Winner: Times Higher Education’s Widening Participation Initiative of the Year 2009 and Herald Society’s Education Initiative of the Year 2009.

Winner: Times Higher Education’s Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers of the Year 2010, GCU as a lead with Universities Scotland partners.

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