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Subject: Re: [legalruleml] Groups - XACMLintro.odp uploaded

After reading your slides, I am wondering how the following statements would be expressed in XACML:

1. "X gives Y to Z"
2. "Event A started at time T0 and ended at time T1"
3. "The Law L1 was rescinded at time T."
4. "The penalty for violation of law L2 is a fine of $M."

Thanks, Tara

Paul Tyson wrote:
Submitter's message
Please see this document if you have an interest in potential issues that could be addressed by the TCs around XACML and LegalRuleML. Monica has indicated I would be presenting on this subject to the LegalRuleML TC Wednesday 15 February, but the agenda has not been announced. There is more material than I anticipated, and since I do not know all the backgrounds and interests of the audience I would welcome feedback on which topics should be added or amplified, and which should be omitted.
-- Paul Tyson
Document Name: XACMLintro.odp

Introduction to XACML for LegalRuleML TC
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Submitter: Paul Tyson
Group: OASIS LegalRuleML TC
Folder: Calendar Documents
Date submitted: 2012-02-12 18:18:43

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