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Subject: [legalxml-comment] Missing DTD?

Greetings everyone.

I've just subscribed to this listserv, and it's the first one I've been on
since 1993 so please forgive me if my posting is misdirected.  I'm not
trying to clutter anyone's email with stupid questions... :-)

As a developer I've been looking at applying XML to how my software
manipulates deposition transcripts, and after googling LegalXML, well, here
I am.

Apparently there has already been some progress made in this area, but I
can't seem to locate the DTD (or preferably the schema) for the work that's
been accomplished.  I took a couple of hours and tossed together my own
schema for what I would like to see, and after doing an export of a
transcript from RealLegal's E*Transcript 4.0, was pleasantly surprised that
my concept and theirs matched pretty closely.  Further, they seem to
reference your DTD at http://www.legalxml.org/transcripts/main2000_04_16.dtd
which is completely dead.

So first, where do I get the DTD?

Second, to whom do I address proposals for additional (optional) elements?

Third, when is the DTD being scrapped in favor of xml-schema?

Fourth, are any CAT vendors out there actually embracing XML as a delivery
mechanism to the client?

Right now the attorney's seem to be getting ASCII floppies to load into
DepositionDirector, or Summation iBlaze, or whatever.  I think if the
reporters could export XML transcripts for delivery to the attorney's
(directly from their CAT software), and that XML was standardized, then the
task of moving data from CAT software to linked digital video, to discovery
software, to trial presentation software could be greatly simplified. (read:
faster, cheaper, easier).

Any inputs are appreciated.  If I've sent this to the wrong folks, please
just tell me where to go... (err, so to speak.)

:-) Geo...

George K. Belicka Jr.
Senior Developer, inData Software LLC
1325 North Fiesta Boulevard, Suite 4
Gilbert AZ 85233

480.497.8595 x201
480.497.1833 fax


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