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Subject: [legalxml-econtracts] eContracts TC Minutes

Title: Proposed Procedures for Processing TC Specifications and Other Deliverables

Dear fellow eContracts TC Participants:


Below, please find the minutes from our last meeting.  My apologies for the delay in getting these out.  The split of note taking between Dr. Leff and I  (with consequent stitching together) and the advent of the holiday season seemed to have conspired to extend the time. 


The next steps for this TC will be for our newly formed Requirements Subcommittee to accumulate and share their work product.  I expect the eContracts general list to be much more active in the coming New Year as our activities pick back up again. 


I wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to working with each of you in the New Year. 


Best regards,

 - Daniel Greenwood, Chair of the OASIS/LegalXML eContracts Technical Committee



|  Daniel J. Greenwood, Esq.

|  Director, E-Commerce Architecture Program

|  MIT School of Architecture and Planning

|  77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 7-231 

|  Cambridge, MA 02139

|     http://ecitizen.mit.edu

|     or http://www.civics.com 

|     Mobile: 617-851-0412

|     Desk: 617-868-1746

|     dang@mit.edu






Minutes Teleconference of November 13th first teleconference and meeting of the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee




Daniel Greenwood, Chair

Eddie O'Brien, Vice Chair

Jason Harrop, Vice Chair

Mike Thanos

John McClure

Roger Winters

Peter Meyer

Dave Marvit

Greg Wiley

Sergio Maldonado

Rolly Chambers

Dmitry Radbel

Donald L. Bergeron

Charles Gilliam

Dr. Laurence L. Leff

Bill Hall

Barry Hansen

Lorin Brennen

Benjamin Grosof

James Clark


The meeting began with a welcome and overview of the general goals and objectives for this Technical Committee (TC) by its chair, Daniel Greenwood.  Mr. Greenwood then facilitated introductions of participants and had each individual describe briefly their background, and their goals for our TC and its work products. 


After introductions, we reviewed the procedure for establishing a committee

specification and then an OASIS standard.  Mr. Greenwood reported that he

discussed the tradeoffs on having a specification stay as a committee

specification or proceed to a full OASIS standard.  Other Technical Committee

Chairpersons said that this decision is best deferred until the specification

itself is closer to its final state.  Also, members were alerted that Legal XML

Technical Committee specifications can only include intellectual property

that will be licensed perpetually on a royalty-free basis.  (This is somewhat

stronger than the requirements of OASIS in this area.).  The formal policy is

contained in the TC Charter. 


The Technical Committee next discussed our charter.  Although some members

brought up some issues at this point, it was decided that those concerns

were best expressed in the Requirements Document. 


The Technical Committee specifically decided to retain English as its

language in conformance with the practice in other technical domains and

related business areas.  Thus, the charter for the OASIS Legal XML Member

Section Electronic-Contracts Technical Committee was approved as proposed. 


The committee next discussed requirements.  A committee under the co-chairperson of Jason Harrop and Barry Hansen will prepare a draft of the requirements specification.  This subcommittee will have primary responsibility for soliciting, collecting the business requirements for any standard from our group.  It will include scenarios under which the XML will be used.


Two issues will be deferred pending development of other requirements issues.

One of these is whether our specifications will support contracts in

jurisdictions that are not common-law.  The other concern deferred is the

support of dispute resolution, both within and out of courts.  (Some noted

that James Keane is starting up a technical committee on online dispute




  Roger Winters will be the editor.  Since he is editor for many, if not

  all, of the Legal XML Member Sections Technical Committees, he will

  ensure that all Legal XML standards have a consistent look and feel.


  Laurence L. Leff, Ph.D., was elected Secretary and Webmaster.  Dr. Leff

  noted that Western Illinois University has developed some XML software

  for handling minutes.


Dr. Grosof, a professor in the Sloan School of Business at Massachusetts

Institute of Technology introduced himself.  He also mentioned that the

RuleML effort (applying XML for the exchange of rule-based information)

will be moving to OASIS.


Dr. Laurence Leff and Mr. John McClure will be co-chairs of a subcommittee,

Technical Resources.  This subcommittee will put up a web page containing

pointers and summaries of work already done.  This web page will make clear

that this information is "non-normative" and is not an endorsement of any

of the technology mentioned.  This will also include possible groups

both in and out of OASIS within which we may liaison and introductory

material from our Technical Committee's members.


The committee discussed its intended deliverables.  The timeline will be

developed later and it is premature to do other deliverables before

the requirements are done.


The committee decided to have teleconferences on a monthly basis.  However,

several members noted that they are extremely busy before the upcoming holidays.


Dr. Laurence Leff, as Secretary, will solicit from all members of this

Technical Committee, those times that would be bad for the members.

Then, Dr. Leff will propose several candidate times for our next teleconference.

(This is your solicitation so please let the Secretary know those times which

are bad for you.)


The Technical Committee decided to have a face-to-face in April or May

of 2003.  It was suggested that we co-locate with the Web Conference

in Budapest or the Legal XML Electronic Court Filing meeting in Atlanta

on April 17 to April 18th.  However, no decision was made as to the date or



Mr. Greenwood, as chair, thanked everyone for participation, particularly

the new Subcommittee chairs.  He noted that this is the "Right Issue" and

OASIS is the "Right Organization" in which to pursue these goals.


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