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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: eContracts TC Minutes

Dave Marvit asked me to forward these minutes to the list.  I took over for
him when Dave departed just before we ended the meeting.  No further
substantive business was discussed or concluded after his minutes leave off.

 - Dan
LegalXML eContracts Technical Committee
Draft minutes
June 8, 2008

In attendance:

Charles Gillam,
Jason Harrop
Dan Greenwood,
John McClure,
Dave Marvit
Zoran Milosevic

Dan: some of us got an email from Peter apologizing for not having time
for not getting to the use cases that he was going to snap into the
requirements doc. I wonder if that was part of the critical dependencies
that impacted Rolly?

It may be time to take a different approach to the requirements
document. Depending upon where things are with the doc, it may be time
to give Rolly some additional assistance.

I am making a move back to the states on Tuesday of next week. I'll be
pretty jammed between now and our next meeting. I can take at least
temporary responsibility for getting the doc to a vote-able point after

Jason; Was Zoran going to help Rolly with the doc?

Dan: Yes. I don't know what has happened since the last meting. Zoran?

Zoran: Yes, I sent him some emails and haven't heard back.

Dan; We are considering another approach that can help us move forward.
We are considering taking a step back from the current doc and deal with
this at a different level of abstraction. Then, once we have a list like
that, then we can plug it back into Rolly''s doc.

Charles: [In response to a request that e give Rolly a call] All I could
do as to leave a message for Rolly.

Dan: Thanks for trying to do that Charles.

Jason: I have missed a couple of calls. Is there a feeling that we have
reached an impasse on the requirements document?

Dan: Yes. We wanted to update the doc in a couple of ways. One was to
have a list of functional  requirements that we need to have pop out.

Zoran: Should these sets of bullet points be based upon the doc that
Rolly has created plus the use cases / scenarios? There is a lot of good
content there.

Dan: I think so. From that and the work of the structural committee and
so on.

Zoran: I would feel a little uneasy if we should start doing new stuff
because we haven't heard from Rolly.

Dan: Well, in the context of the last call. he seemed to be thankful for
additional help.

Zoran: Well, I am willing to start looking at it, I'm just not sure what
to do.

Dan: We do have a bunch of good people on the call right now. I'd be
interested in seeing if we could start generating a bulleted list right
now. Then, coming out of the call, we can let the process play itself
out with Rolly, and Zoran and Peter who have volunteered.

One place to start, though perhaps not the best, is the discussion of
someone receiving the document, printing  it, signing it, and sending it
back [on paper]. Is that well put?

John: Yes, that is the essence of document exchange that takes into
account the current practices of document usage. There are technical
issues that could be discussed, but I don't know if this is the time to
discuss those.

Dave: Let's add more bullets

Dan: OK, I broke it into 4 components:
- Electronic transmission of the contract
- Printing by the recipient
- Signing (on paper)
- Sending back to the sender (on paper)
The paper contract that is delivered back is the contract.

John: We should give each of these a name.

Jason: Email print sign..?

[some discussion about naming this bullet]

Zoran: We need to have a process for how we go forward.

John: Also, electronic, modify, and return.

Dan: You mean an offer, counter offer?

John: Well, I was thinking more of passing around drafts.

Dan: Got it. Jason?

Jason: I have no objection at the level of discussion we are having.
When we go down a level that's when we hit the can of worms. But isn't
that redundant with the work that Peter has already done in his doc to
John and Rolly?

Dan: Yes, that's linked. Do you think this discussion is out of order?

Zoran: To some extent I do think this is out of order. There is a lot of
good stuff there. I do feel a bit that we are going in circles here
without talking to Rolly.

Dan: What do others think?

Jason: Well, if we think we are writing down the cases Peter has done,
and slightly tweaking it, well, that makes sense but should we be doing
it now or when Peter is on the call. Perhaps he has already addressed

Jason: I think it would make sense to have the high level discussion
next week and then drill down.

Dan: I just want to make it clear that we are only doing it this way
because we don't happen to have the draft today. I am still OK with it
[the current process...]

[Dave has to depart and stop taking notes]

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