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Subject: Re: [legalxml-econtracts] Part 1, Revised SC Report

Thank you for explaining your proposal to the TC.  A couple of quick things:

1. will you be providing the equivalent of appendix 1 of the SC 
Preliminary Report, so we can see what the DTD/schema looks like?

2. it would be useful to see some _contract markup_ - perhaps a chunk of 
the Hanover lease?  I would be happy to do this as well, using the 
markup Peter and I have proposed.

3. (related to 1) are you proposing your <area> tag, or have you dropped it?

4. can i suggest you change the filename, title of your document and/or 
its introduction, so it is clear that it is your work rather than the 
work of the SC as such?  People who are not familiar with the context 
might think all the sub-committee members endorse it.  Granted, the same 
might be said of the Prelim Report, although the contents makes it clear 
where the view expressed is Peter and mine only.

Here is a .doc of the Prelim Report.



John McClure wrote:
> All,
> Attached is the first part of my suggested revisions to the current SC Report.
> It would still be convenient for me if a Word version of the current draft
> report could be circulated or sent me directly ... modifying PDF is a chore.
> I'll publish more -- maybe even finish it -- during the weekend unless of course
> I hear request(s) not to continue. Your comments about its style or content are
> welcomed and appreciated -- either through postings or as corrections to the
> attached file (please use a different color, like firehouse red! ).
> Best regards,
> John
> PS If someone could figure out why this file is poorly layed-out by PDF Writer,
> that would be a big help. Thanks.
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