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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: Click-Through Contact Revised Language.

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in getting the proposed revised
langauge for the scope section regarding click-through
contracts.  This is a little fix, and reflects exactly
what we discussed and reached informal consensus about
on our last call.  Rather than make even smaller
changes to other parts of the document, I also added a
couple of explanatory sentences in this section.  

Please note that I'm using a "disposable" yahoo
address for OASIS communications now because of all
the spam that comes to OASIS listed e-mail addresses.
I've had problems sending to the list recently, so I'm
also copying some members - to be on the safe side... 

I look forward to our call tomorrow.

 - Dan Greenwood
----Suggested Replacement Language Follows--------

6.3.4	Scope assessment

The entire agreement related to click-through
contracts includes session-based transaction
information, such as price, quantity and delivery
terms or subscription privileges, software license
periods, and so forth.  These transaction specific
problems are quite distinct from those related to the
preparation and management of contract documents in
other transactions.  It is likely they will require
service providers to provide systems to facilitate the
supply of information to online users, and will
require deeper integration and support at the
web-browser level. This is outside the scope of the
TC's initial specification.  However, the "contracts
terms", referred to in sections 7-4 through 7-7 of
this document are more like standard form contracts. 
The value proposition for using an OASIS/LegalXML
standard to markup such contracts is clear and quickly
realizable for merchants, consumers, governments,
trading communities and others that rely on such
terms.  While the information in these documents may
be limited to general terms and conditions, it is
still of considerable value to those who enter into
such agreements to have an accessible and actionable
method to identify, store, retrieve and sort or search
such obligations. Businesses need to know the
contracts to which they are obliged as a result of
employees entering click-through agreements in the
scope of their work.   Individual consumer also need
to know such simple facts as the number and companies
they have contracted with and the terms as return
policies, contact information and privacy policies. 
Therefore, the "contract terms" documents are in the
scope of the TC's initial specification.  

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