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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: Will Somebody Please Post Most Recent Structural Subcmt Markup Proposal?

Hello all,

I'm not sure I have (or know which one is) the most
recent proposal from our structural markup subcmt. 
Will somebody (anybody) please post to the list, or at
least mail to me directly?

I'm trying to cross-walk between our requirements
document (focus on the operative terms for the first
chunk of work, which is all pretty much settled now)
and the most recent structural markup to?

1. Do a gap analysis (how much of the requirements are
already met in our current draft), 
2. Consider how well and appropriately it approaches
the requirements, and
3. Try a few markups on some of our sample contracts
that we submitted near the start of our TC work, to
see how they look.

If anybody can send it today before our meeting, I'd
be much obliged.

 - Dan Greenwood

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