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legalxml-econtracts message

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Subject: eContracts TC requirements draft 0.06

Dear TC members,

Attached is a zip file with draft 0.06 of the requirements. It includes:
* PDF file showing changes since draft 0.05
* clean PDF file
* clean RTF file.

This draft incorporates changes suggested by Dr Leff and those needed to
reflect the discussion about click-through contracts at our phone conference

As determined at our meeting today, it is the intention to vote to adopt
this draft as version 1 of the TC's requirements at the next phone
conference. If there are any errors that require correction, please let me
know and I will issue an updated draft before next week's phone conference.

Peter Meyer 

Elkera Pty Limited (ACN 092 447 428)
Email: pmeyer@elkera.com.au
Ph: +61 2 8440 6900 * Fax: +61 2 8440 6988

eContracts TC requirements_d0.06_2005-05-11.zip

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