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Subject: Minutes Draft from the OASIS Legal XML Member Section Electronic Contracts Technical Committee Secretary (File id: @@2795)

                         Minutes, Teleconference of April Twelvth
         The OASIS Legal XML Member Section e-Contracts Technical Committee


Mr. Rolly Chambers
Mr. Daniel Greenwood
Dr. Laurence Leff
David Marvit
Peter Meyers

The meeting started at 18:11 New York City Time.

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
(OASIS) Legal XML Member Section Technical Committee (the TC)
reviewed the proposed Comment Disposition Log
as sent from  Mr. Peter Meyer.  

It was observed that the word "need"
should be inserted after particular.  Mr. Peter Meyer will coordinate
with Ms. Mary McRae, Manager of Technical Committee Administration
for OASIS regarding the format.

In September 2006, Western Illinois University drafted a press release
as the contractor to the OASIS Legal XML Member Section e-Contracts Technical 
Committee as part of its deliverables.  This was circulated on the mailing list:

Mr. Peter Meyer has prepared a revision of this draft and circulate
to the list. He  will also work with Ms. Carol Geyer of OASIS to 
coordinate with them and to ensure that we are in compliance with
applicable policies and procedures.

The Technical Committee anticipates that it will be in a position to pass
the resolution that the TC is ready to vote on the
approval of the specification and to call a "Special Majority Vote."

The Meeting adjourned at 18:30 New York City Time.

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