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Subject: Election of At-Large Representatives Now Open

The election of three (3) at-large representatives to the LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee is now open until Friday, May 20, at 5 p.m. Eastern time. The following statements were obtained from the four (4) candidates:

Candidate: Robin Gibson
Robin Gibson, with the Missouri Office of State Courts Administrator, has worked in court automation since 1995. Involved in LegalXML since 1999, she is Secretary for the Electronic Court Filing TC and participates in the Integrated Justice TC. She has been working in standards working groups in the National Center for State Courts, the Joint Technology Committee of COSCA and NACM, and the XML Structure Task Force, where she helped develop the Global  Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM). She seeks a second term as at-large representative to the Steering Committee.

Candidate: John Greacen
The Steering Committee is currently functioning well.  The major accomplishments of the past year have been hiring a technical consultant, developing mission/vision/strategic objectives for the Member Section, and communicating to the OASIS Board of Directors our unique needs as representatives of public sector entities.

Candidate: Dallas Powell
Dallas Powell is the President of Tybera Development Group, a leading provider of electronic filing products that support court filings, eNotification and eService.  Dallas has been involved in SGML and XML product development for over 15 years and involved in the LegalXML community for over 2 years.

Candidate: John Ruegg
John Ruegg holds positions as member of the OASIS LegalXMLCourtfiling Technical Committee, public sector chair for the OASIS LegalXML Integrated Justice technical committee and co-chair of the U.S. DOJ Global Security Infrastrucure task force and actively participates as a speaker at numerous regional and national Integrated Justice conferences.  

Please be sure to participate in this vote. The Steering Committee plays an important role for all of our work, including helping to direct the allocation of our resources.

Warm Regards,

Roger Winters, Secretary
OASIS Legal XML Member Section Steering Committee

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