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Subject: Nominations for Steering Committee Due Monday

Nominations for the LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee's three (3) at-large positions will close at 7 a.m. Eastern time on Monday, December 5.


NOW is a good time for you to let me know which individual(s) you would like to name as candidates for the Steering Committee, which has general oversight of LegalXML activities, funding, and more.


Please do NOT assume that others will nominate the person(s) you have in mind! If you are interested in this work, please do NOT just hope someone will think to nominate you-talk with someone about that or self-nominate.


Thank you for your attention to this!


Roger Winters

Secretary, OASIS LegalXML Member Section Steering Committee'


Program and Project Manager

King County Department of Judicial Administration

516 Third Avenue, E-609 MS: KCC-JA-0609

Seattle, Washington 98104

V: (206) 296-7838 F: (206) 296-0906



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