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Subject: Re: [legalxml-ms] Story on call for standards for e-discovery

Hi Chet,

This is a very useful development.

There are three particularly valuable characteristics
of OASIS work and specifications compared to
traditional ISO work: the work is open; the standards
are freely available, the specifications consist of
structured expressions that can be made "measurable."

Where there is potentially enormous synergy is with
the massive "making security measurable" initiative
originating for the USGOV security community that
consists of an SCAP (Security Content Automation
Protocol) suite of specifications that is now moving
under the aegis of a new IETF group knows as SACM.
I've imported many of these platforms into my ITU-T
cybersecurity group as best of breed platforms, and
have been trying to insert them into my ETSI TC LI

The developer community event website can be found at

An ideal positioning for OASIS and the LegalXML
group in particular, would be to coin a new concept
of "making eDiscovery measureable" and leverage
the enormous amount of SCAP community work


On 7/2/2012 4:35 PM, Chet Ensign wrote:
A friend just sent me this blog post about the the Seventh Circuit's
Electronic Discovery Committee Workshop on Computer-Assisted Review
discussion about standards for e-discovery.


He asked me if anything is going on around this. Did you all hear about this?

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