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Subject: Groups - Action Item "Consider pre- or post-conference LPX education events" Modified

Action Item Subject: Consider pre- or post-conference LPX education events
Item Number: #0007

Explore opportunities for pre- or post-conference (e.g., NACM and/or CTC) training events to focus on education for vendors on the LPX standards.
John M, Snorri, Joyce and Jim H will make up the task team exploring options, reaching out to vendors, etc.

Owner: Mr. John Matthias
Status: Closed
Priority: Medium
Due Date: N/A

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-05-14 18:13 UTC
Jim H will work on informal vendor meeting at NACM.
John M will work on CTC A2J track.

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-06-18 17:43 UTC
- CTC: John M and Jim working with Danielle and Lester.
- NACM: Jim working with IJIS ICAC. John G will follow-up with Joe Wheeler.

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-07-02 19:48 UTC
1. Scheduled informal OASIS standards meeting at NACM Conference in Las Vegas (Tuesday, July 23, 2019).
2. John Greacen will participate in portals session at CTC.

Per agreement in July 2 TC call, this action item can now be closed.

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