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math-optimize-discuss message

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Subject: Fw: Welcome to math-optimize-discuss

In addition to Kipp's points, which I agree with, I think that the TC's mission should include standards for interfaces between modeling languages, solvers, and data sources.

Alan King
Mathematical Sciences, IBM Research

Campus Relationship Manager: University of Washington

----- Forwarded by Alan King/Watson/IBM on 07/27/2004 10:04 AM -----

Kipp Martin <kmartin@gsb.uchicago.edu> wrote on 07/26/2004 09:51:24 PM:

> Hi:
> Welcome to the OASIS math-optimize-discuss list. The purpose of the list
> is to prepare a charter for the formation of an OASIS Technical
> Committee (TC). The goal of the Technical Committee is to establish an
> XML based standard for representing instances of numerical optimization
> problems.
> The discussion list is not a forum for
> developing a standard, e.g. debating the specifics a schema.
> Establishing the actual standard is the goal of the TC. I think
> the TC should begin by establishing a standard for linear programming.
> This is perhaps the most widely used optimization model and is a
> relatively easy starting place.  See
> http://gsbkip.uchicago.edu/fml/fml.html for a proposed standard.
> After establishing a standard for linear programming, the TC could work
> on standards for specific kinds of optimization models, e.g. stochastic
> programs, network flows, constraint logic, etc.  Another direction for
> the TC is to address the representation of general nonlinear
> optimization problems. I think an important task of the TC will be to
> decide what to borrow from the Content MathML vocabulary.
> I think it is important to restrict the task of the TC to establish
> standards for representing instances of numerical optimization problems
> as opposed to developing an XML based modeling language.
> Opinions and suggestions are needed and welcome.
> Thank you,
> --
> Kipp Martin
> Professor of Operations Research
>     and Computing Technology
> University of Chicago
> Graduate School of Business
> 1101 East 58 Street
> Chicago IL 60637
> 773-702-7456

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