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Subject: [OASIS members] OASIS News-13 January 2003

13 January 2003

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments
and activities for the XML interoperability consortium.


OASIS Members Launch Effort to Establish Common Identification Scheme
for Distributed Directory Services

The OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) Technical Committee will
define a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme and a corresponding
Uniform Resource (URN) namespace that will establish a common
identification scheme that can be used across all domains, applications,
and transport protocols, as well as basic mechanisms for resolving XRIs
and exchanging data and metadata associated with XRI-identified



Mark Your Calendars for the OASIS Forum and AGM, 4 March!

Make plans NOW to attend the OASIS Annual General Members
Meeting/Reception and the 'OASIS Forum on the Direction of Web Services'
on Tuesday, 4 March at XML/Web Services One Conference in Santa Clara,
* There are sponsorship opportunities available for the Annual AGM!
OASIS Member companies are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to
OASIS by underwriting the cost of this event. We are inviting three
members to contribute 1,000 USD in return for recognition of their
sponsorship on the OASIS website, in the OASIS News, the XML.org Daily
Newslink and sponsor logo placards posted at reception location. Please
contact dee.schur@oasis-open.org for more information.



A Limited Number of Complimentary Conference Passes Available

Patrick Gannon will be presenting "Insights into Global Electronic
Business Standards" at 2003 Clinical Technologies Congress on 5
February, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, http://www.iirusa.com/clinical/.
The organizer has made a few
conference passes available to OASIS members. Please contact
dee.schur@oasis-open.org for more information.


Emergency Management Technical Committee (EM TC) Comes to OASIS

A Call for Participation has been issued for the new OASIS Emergency
Management TC.
The purpose of the EM TC is to design, develop, and release XML
Schema-based standards that resolve disparate disaster recovery data and
applications utilized by emergency management professionals.



New OASIS Sponsors include:

* Axway Software, www.axway.com, Enterprise Application Integration

New OASIS Contributors include IPTC of Austria.


OASIS Team Talks

20-23 Jan--Karl Best will present an OASIS Standards Update at Open
Forum 2003 on Metadata Registries, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The following
OASIS members will be speaking; Tom Bellwood of IBM, Kathryn Breininger
of Boeing, Eve Maler of Sun Microsystems and Monica Martin of Drake
Certivo, Inc.

21-23 Jan--Patrick Gannon will speak at Electronic Business Days 2003,
Paris, France.

27-30 Jan--George Zagelow, IBM and chair of the OASIS UDDI Member
Section, will speak at COMNET Conference & Expo, Washington, DC.

28-29 Jan--Patrick Gannon will present "SyncML Supporting Web Services"
at Sync Congress, London, UK.

For more information on Events, see http://www.oasis-open.org/events/.


OASIS Member Discounts

6-7 Mar--XML for Data Management, 6-7 March 2003, London
Strategic Implications for Data Administrators, Engineers and
OASIS members receive 10% discount.


Details on OASIS member discounts are provided at

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