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Subject: Top Ten Reasons to Attend the OASIS Adoption Forum

OASIS Members,
Registration is open for the Consortium's annual European meeting, which will be held in London, Monday, 17 Oct. The time to reserve
space for yourself and your colleagues is now. Here are the top ten reasons for attending the OASIS Adoption Forum:

#10 The focus is on e-government, e-health, and e-commerce, so everyone will find relevance in the program.

#9 In the keynote, Ovum analyst, David Mitchell, will take on the hotly debated topic of Open Standards and Open Source--how they
relate, how they differ, and what the future holds for both.

#8  It's a great outreach opportunity; every OASIS Committee should be represented there.

#7 European governments, users, and vendors will be present in force. John Borras, the CEO of the UK's Local e-Government Standards
Body, is chairing the event. Other speakers include representatives from HM Revenue UK, Netherlands Ministry of Finance, AMS
Consulting, IBM, Nokia, CEN/ISSS, GS1, ICTSB, and ITU. 

#6 OASIS members receive a 100 USD discount. 

#5 OASIS Board members, including Patrick Gannon, president and CEO of OASIS, will be on hand to discuss your ideas and concerns.

#4 The one-track format offers an ideal opportunity to educate co-workers, customers, and partners--even those not involved in the
day-to-day development of standards--on what's happening and why it's important. 

#3 The meeting fee is low, as much of the expenses are offset by OASIS Foundational Sponsors, BEA Systems, Innodata Isogen, SAP, and
Sun Microsystems, and by event sponsors, HP, IBM, and Xenos.
#2 A special half-day event showcasing OpenDocument and DITA has been added on Tuesday, 18 Oct. Sponsored by IBM and Sun
Microsystems, presentations will examine how companies and organizations can migrate to OpenDocument and how industry sectors, such
as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and telecommunications, can standardize on DITA subject-matter vocabularies within their
communities. Attendees of the OASIS Adoption Forum may participate in the OpenDocument and DITA Focus at no additional cost.
Registration for the Focus alone is also available. 

#1 This is the annual OASIS event in Europe, the time for members to gather, discuss their work, find out what others are doing, and
hear feedback from users, industry analysts, pioneers in our field, and leaders from other standards bodies. Networking in the
spirit of collaboration is one of the prime benefits of membership--it's why you joined OASIS.

Find out more at http://www.oasis-open.org/events/adoption_forum_2005/. Your support is much appreciated.

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1.978.667.5115 x209

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