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Subject: OASIS News 23 September 2005

23 September 2005

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.

Balloting Begins for CAP and XML Catalog As OASIS Standards

Organizational members are asked to vote on two specifications that have been submitted for consideration as OASIS Standards. Common
Alerting Protocol (CAP) v1.1 provides a standard for emergency alerts and notifications to be packaged and sent in an XML format.
XML Catalogs v1.1 addresses the issue of sharing documents via an entity catalog that maps both external identifiers and arbitrary
URI references to URI references. Balloting for both ends 30 Sept.


OASIS Adoption Forum Expands Program

This week, OASIS added two presentations to the Adoption Forum program. "Towards a Universal Business Language: Developing UBL as an
International Open Standard for the Conduct of XML-based Electronic Business" will be presented by Tim McGrath, a member of the
OASIS UBL TC. The presentation will introduce the big ideas of UBL and its successes and failures in meeting its goals. "Norwegian
e-Health Infrastructure Based on XML, ebXML, and PKI" will provide an overall technical solution with a focus on how sensitive
information safely can be distributed over open networks by means of end-to-end security solutions. Øyvind Gjørven, a Senior Adviser
at the National Insurance Administration, will be presenting. In addition to these presentations, the Adoption Forum is pleased to
announce that Xenos will be hosting an evening reception on Monday, 17 Sept.


OASIS Welcomes New Sponsor Members

* Siebel Systems (www.siebel.com) is a leading provider of solutions for organizations in customer relationship management, business
intelligence, and customer data integration.

* ESI Acquisition, Inc (www.esi911.com) is a global provider of integrated solutions for public safety though Web-based emergency
information management systems.

OASIS is also pleased to welcome Momentum SI as a new Contributor member.

OASIS Seeks Additions to Staff

The Consortium is currently seeking qualified candidates to expand technical and management staff. Current openings include Web
Developer, Manager of Asian-Pacific Business Development, and Manager of European Business Development.

17-18 Oct
OASIS Adoption Forum
OpenDocument and DITA Focus
London, United Kingdom
These events are hosted by OASIS.  

17-18 Oct
Service Oriented Architectures Conference Houston, TX, USA 
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.

17-19 Oct
Business Process eXcellence Summit
San Diego, CA, USA
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.  

18-19 October 2005
SOA and Web Services Best Practices
Chicago, IL, USA
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.

19-21 October 2005
SOA Summit
San Diego, CA, USA
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.  

26-28 October 2005
OASIS Open Standards Day Australia
Sydney, Australia
Patrick Gannon will be the keynote speaker.

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