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Subject: New OASIS discussion List: Unstructured Operation Markup Language (UOML)

    OASIS members have requested that we open a new discussion
list, regarding a possible new OASIS Unstructured Operation Markup
Language (UOML) TC.  The proposal conforms to our rules and is set
forth below.  Standards always are improved by broad
participation.  OASIS encourages open discussions about possible
new TCs, by offering a dedicated e-mail list for 90 days, upon
member request.  The address of this list will be:


Anyone, including OASIS members and non-members, may subscribe to
this list in order to discuss the merits and possibility of the
proposed project.  The list is now open, and can be joined by sending
a message to:

uoml-discuss-subscribe@lists.oasis-open.org. [1]

    The discussion list is governed by Section 2.1 of the OASIS TC
Process [2], and may last up to 90 days.  Typically, participants
in the list will determine whether there is sufficient interest to
form an OASIS TC, and then collaborate on a draft TC charter for
submission.  Only subscribers to the list will have the ability
to post to it.  If you do not wish to subscribe, but would like to
monitor the discussion, archives of the list will be visible at

    Please feel free to forward this announcement to any other
appropriate lists.  OASIS is an open standards organization, and
welcomes your feedback.  We look forward to assisting parties
interested in joining the community of implementers,
technologists, academics and end-users contributing to open
standardization for e-business and information exchange.

~  James Bryce Clark
~  Director, Standards Development, OASIS
~  jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

[1] Additional assistance is available, if needed, from the
contacts listed at http://www.oasis-open.org/who/contactus.php
[2] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#2.1
[3] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/


The OASIS members listed below plan to form the "OASIS
Unstructured Operation Markup Language (UOML) TC", and wish to
begin by using a publicly subscribable discussion list to [discuss
their plans, and] welcome more members to join this TC.

The required information is provided below:

1. The name of the discussion list, which shall not be the same as
the name of the list in which the TC itself shall operate if


2. A preliminary statement of scope for the TC whose formation the
list is intended to discuss.

    The Unstructured Operation Markup Language specification
defines an XML schema for universal document operations. A version of the schema already has been developed, and is described at


The proposers plan to contribute it to the TC when it is formed, for
further review, discussion and refinement.  The schema is
suitable for operating written documents, including create, view,
modify, query information that can be printed in paper, e.g.
books, magazine, newspaper, office documents, maps, drawings,
blueprints, but is not restricted to these kinds of documents.
There are several commercial and free applications available based
on UOML, with more currently under development.  A standard for
document operation will be of great utility to many users and
software companies developing applications, and should be made
available as soon as possible.

    The planned work of this TC may be divided in two phases:

a. In the first phase, this TC will review the contributed
proven and established constructs and any other submissions made
to the TC so that the resulting standard can satisfy the
immediate needs of many users, as well as serve as a base for
future, less restricted development.  It is our goal to ensure
that the resulting specification and documentation are consistent
and of high quality.

b. In the second phase, this TC will maintain the specification
delivered in phase 1 and will extend it to encompass additional
areas of applications or users, which may also include adapting
the specification to recent developments.

2.  The names, electronic mail addresses, and membership
affiliations of the three or more Eligible Persons proposing to
create the discussion list:

Alex Wang, dlwang@sursen.com, Sursen Co.
Andy Lee, javola@vip.sina.com, Changfeng Alliance
Gang Zhao, zhaoganga@digitalchina.com, Digital China Co.

3.  The name of the discussion list leader:

Alex Wang


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