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Subject: Restoration of OASIS mail lists and archives

OASIS members,

We are pleased to report significant progress in our email server recovery
efforts. The Committee and comment mail lists and their associated archives
are now operational, and messages sent to those lists are being distributed
and automatically archived.

If you posted an email to a Committee list between 31 July and 7 August,
please check the archives (http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/<list>) to
confirm it is included. If it does not appear in the archives, or if you
sent Committee email directly to others while the lists were down, please
forward those messages to the appropriate Committee list now, so that they
can be duly captured in the archives. List subscribers, please accept our
apologies for this temporary, but necessary, redundancy.

To prevent duplicate posts in the archives, we ask that messages be
forwarded by their authors only. For clarity, please insert "(resent due to
email outage)" as a preface in the body of the message, but retain the
original subject line to enable searching.

If you are aware of any messages sent to a Committee list since 7 August
that do not appear in the archives, please notify support@oasis-open.org.

OASIS technical services staff continue work on restoring other mail lists,
including those hosted on xml.org and ebxml.org. Updates on our progress are
posted daily to the members page (www.oasis-open.org/members) as well as on
each Committee's member page.

We deeply regret the disruption of services caused by this outage, and we
appreciate all the support members have offered during our recovery efforts.

Scott McGrath
Director of Member Services

Tel +1 978-667-5115 x202 
Fax +1 978-667-5114

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