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Subject: Invitation to attend the OASIS Board Meeting

The Board has designated its upcoming July 30-31 face to face meeting as
Open to Members.  This is a great opportunity to observe first-hand the
workings of the Board. OASIS Members who wish to attend need to register in
order to ensure adequate seating, by sending a message to

The meeting will be held at Oracle's offices in Burlington, Massachusetts,
USA.  Details on the exact times and location will be sent to registrants as
they become available.

A draft agenda will be made public on July 14. Portions of the meeting that
may touch upon HR and/or legal issues will be closed, but we will try to
cluster them together. The second day meeting on July 31 will probably
finish early in the afternoon.

I hope to see you there.

Scott McGrath
Senior Director of Member Services

Tel +1 978-667-5115 x202 
Fax +1 978-667-5114

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