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Subject: OASIS News: 3 May 2012

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements,
accomplishments, and activities for the international open standards

In this issue:

* Deadline to nominate Board candidates is 9 May
* TC Administration launches home page
* Business Document Exchange TC re-charters
* OASIS forms CMIS Marketing Group
* SAML TC approves Committee Specification
* Test Assertions Guidelines TC approves Committee Note
* Public review begins for Transformational Gov Framework Committee Note
* OASIS eGov elects Steering Committee
* Convener seeks proposers for Task-oriented Information Modelling (TIM) TC
* Transformational Gov Framework (TGF) TC welcomes translators
* Important dates

Deadline to nominate Board candidates is 9 May

Six candidates will be elected for seats on the OASIS Board of
Directors and two candidates for the Technical Advisory Board. Each
will serve a two-year term beginning July 2012. All members are
encouraged to consider serving in these positions or nominating
qualified candidates. Nominations must be received and accepted by 9


TC Administration launches home page

The new page provides members with a central location for information
on TC-related Policies, Guidelines and Best Practices, Tools, News and
Announcements, Deliverables, Request Status, and Performance Metrics.
The page can be accessed from the "Resources" menu on the OASIS
horizontal navigation bar.


Business Document Exchange TC re-charters

Defining an open standards framework to support public e-procurement
and e-invoicing, the re-chartered BDXR TC will converge technical
specifications between PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online)
and four other European Large Scale Pilots (LSPs). BDXR will also
adopt a mechanism for the submission of new requirements as use cases,
which is expected to result in expanded functionality and membership.
All those involved in the e-procurement and e-invoicing markets are
invited to participate, including government agencies, solution
providers, financial institutions, associations, and payment networks.
Kenneth Bengtsson of Alfa1lab serves as chair, and Sven Rasmussen of
the Denmark Ministry of Finance serves as secretary.


OASIS forms CMIS Marketing Group

The new group will engage in communications and marketing activities
that promote adoption of the Content Management Interoperability
Services (CMIS) standard. Working closely with the CMIS Technical
Committee, the Marketing Group will educate the marketplace on the
value of CMIS and provide maximum visibility and marketing benefits
for members. The first meeting will be held via teleconference on 8


SAML TC approves Committee Specification

SAML 2.0 Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User Interface
1.0 defines a set of extensions that provide information necessary for
user agents to present effective user interfaces and, in the case of
identity provider discovery, recommend appropriate choices to the
user. Congratulations to TC Foundational Sponsors, IBM, Microsoft, and
Primeton, to Sponsors, Avaya, Boeing, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Jericho
Systems, Nokia, Oracle, Ping Identity, Red Hat, SAP, Tiani "Spirit",
and the US Veterans Health Administration, and to all other SAML TC


Test Assertions Guidelines TC approves Committee Note

The document provides guidelines and best practices for writing test
assertions aligned with the Test Assertions Model. Congratulations to
TC Sponsors, Axway, Fujitsu, Oracle, US NIST, and to all other TAG TC


Public review begins for Transformational Gov Framework Committee Note

"Tools and Models for the Business Management Framework: Volume 1
Using the Policy Product Matrix 1.0"  and the associated Wiki
resource, contain detailed information and guidance on using the
Policy Products matrix in the Business Management Framework, as
identified in the TGF Primer and TGF Core Pattern Language. It is the
first in an intended series of Committee Notes providing further
guidance on the Business Management Framework. This public review ends
21 May.


OASIS eGov elects Steering Committee members

Kenneth Dagg of the Government of Canada, Mohammed Kammachi of the
Belgium Ministry of Finance, Peter Brown, and Gershon Janssen have
been elected to serve until April 2014. OASIS extends a special note
of thanks to departing Steering Committee members, Bob Sunday of the
Government of Canada (retired), Jerry Smith of the US Department of
Defense (retired), and Charles Schultz of ARS APERTA  for their
service and  contributions to the Member Section.


Convener seeks proposers for Task-oriented Information Modelling (TIM) TC

The potential TC would standardize a formal language to express Task
Analysis categories and the rules of their possible combinations by
ways of a syntax. TIM, a specification that has been used to produce
task models in various fields (machine, process and software
modelling), would serve as a starting point for this work. TIM's
syntax is defined by a short set of XML-compliant rules and patterns.
Anyone interested in advancing this work at OASIS and being listed as
a co-proposer in the draft charter should contact Tanguy Wettengel of
the University of Limoges. (See draft charter for contact details.)


Transformational Gov Framework (TGF) TC welcomes translators

Volunteers are needed to translate TGF material from English into
other languages. There is particular interest in making this material
available in Spanish, German and Dutch; translations into other
languages would also be valuable.

Important dates:

6 May
Biometric Identity Assurance Services (BIAS) SOAP Profile 1.0 pubic review ends

8 May
CMIS Marketing Group holds first meeting via teleconference

9 May
Nominations close for OASIS Board of Directors and TAB

9-10 May
OASIS co-sponsors Smart Grids Data Management Forum (London)
** Mention 'OASIS' when registering for 10% discount **

14 May
"Introduction to OASIS Membership" webinar

16 May
EML public election standards webinar

18 May
WS-Calendar SOAP-based Services 1.0 public review ends

21 May
TGF Committee Note public review ends

23 May
TC hosts webinar on Transformational Government Framework (TGF)

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welcome; contact communications@oasis-open.org.
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