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Subject: Proposed New OASIS Project for Recycled Commodities

Dear OASIS Members:

A draft charter has been submitted to OASIS to establish the Recycled Commodities Framework (ReCoF) Technical Committee. OASIS is circulating this draft charter for awareness and to solicit initial proposers.

Attached, please find the draft charter and a flyer about the project.

ReCoF aims to standardize the authentication process to describe and verify the origin of recycled commodities and to track their use through the supply chain. The TC has the potential to bring new audiences to OASIS and expand our presence in industries not currently represented in our portfolio.

Note that this is a pre-release draft of the charter. The official Call for Comment period will begin soon.

Please forward this draft to others at your organization who are involved in sustainability and supply chain issues. Remember, TC membership entitles anyone from your organization to join any TCs -- there are no limits or extra fees. ReCoF may be a good way to maximize your OASIS membership.

If you are interested in being listed as a co-proposer or have any questions, please contact join@oasis-open.org for more details.

Thank you,



Kelly Cullinane

Technical Community Program StewardÂ



Attachment: ReCof TC Draft Charter.pdf
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Attachment: Flyer ReCoF Dec 2023-cg.pdf
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