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Subject: Congrats on a successful webinar yesterday

Congratulations MQTT-SN TC on a highly successful webinar yesterday. ÂWith the help of Dee Schur and other TC Marketeers, we had 894 registered with 473 in attendance. Amazing numbers!

Of course, this could not have been pulled off without the support from the webinar speakers. We are grateful for the time and effort that Ian Craggs, Simon Johnson, and Dominik Obermaier dedicated to this event. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and we hope it sparks a wave of new MQTT-SN members.

We had some great questions at the end from the audience. Those questions and survey results have been shared with the speakers. They will share this information with the TC shortly.

In the meantime, we would like to ask you to help us keep the momentum going by promoting the webinar recording to your social media connections.

You can find the recording on our OASIS YouTube site at:

Thank you all once again for doing such great work.

Kind regards,



PS: Please also consider posting the recording on the TC homepages.


Jane Harnad, Manager of Events

+1 781-425-5073 x214 (Office)
+1 703-508-3373 (Mobile)


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