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Subject: Re: [board-agenda] Kavi "Delta" document and executive summary

I think most people must be seeing red by now ;-)

Laurent, could you clarify something? Seems to me that there is a difference between red rows where there is a possible workaround and red rows where there appear to be no possible workaround (see rows 27 and 28 for respective examples of this); wouldn't it make sense to use different colors to make this more obvious? For instance, I think that there is a big difference between not being able to display committees by category or by name, on the one hand, which would be bad enough, and not being able to keep a count of whether a member has reached participation obligation or not, which would be, I think, quite worse. Is the lack of differentiation an indication that although there is no current workaround known there may be one in the future? Or is this an indication that no prioritization (if that is the right word) has been done on this yet?

Another question: How would this affect the work of Drupalization that Carol and Jose have been doing over the past few years. Out the window?

And finally: some of the non-red rows have potential workarounds, but there is no indication of the extent of work that would have to be invested on each of them and whether it would be a one time effort or a continuing maintenance issue. Are you planning on making that kind of determination soon?


On 07/21/2010 09:50 AM, Laurent M Liscia wrote:
[Resending to the broader Agenda list]

Preamble: We are considering migrating our data to Kavi 5; and have produced the attached spreadsheet to highlight the difference between what we have currently on our custom OASIS version of Kavi, maintained by us, and what is available on Kavi 5.

Executive Summary (to help navigate the spreadsheet)

To adequately assess the impact of migration to a Kavi-hosted solution it is necessary  to distinguish between two classes of OASIS applications.

1.  Kavi apps

Kavi apps support TC "workspace" activities and membership functions. In the current system this corresponds to things under www.oasis-open.org/apps/... and www.oasis-open.org/members/...

2.  OASIS apps

OASIS apps are, essentially, everything else related to www.oasis-open.org.  Internally these are often referred to as "www" ("dub-dub-dub")  apps.  For example (non-exhaustive):

http://www.oasis-open.org/specs/ (approved standards)
http://tools.oasis-open.org/ (Wikis, SubVersion repositories)
Member Sections, e.g. http://www.oasis-blue.org/
Public email archives (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/)

Currently, both classes of application are hosted in-house by OASIS and are driven by a common, local data backend (MySQL database, email directories) and therefore tightly coupled.

Kavi corp will host only Kavi TC workspace  apps.  This means that OASIS must continue to host (or contract with someone other than Kavi corp to host)   the www.oasis-open.org domain (and associated (sub)domains) in order to support OASIS www  apps and to map URIs  such that the existing self-hosted Kavi app URIs continue to resolve correctly post-migration.

Backend data required to support Kavi apps is owned by Kavi and is not accessible to external non-Kavi applications.  Should  the OASIS Kavi apps migrate to a Kavi corp hosted solution, the database goes with them  and is no longer available to OASIS www apps that need it.   This requires that   OASIS www apps be decoupled from the Kavi app database.

A detailed list of  the deltas  resulting from a Kavi 5 migration in spreadsheet form is attached (note that spreadsheet line items highlighted in red indicate deltas that arise specifically when OASIS www apps no longer have access to data in the kavi 5 database).  A summary of the deltas is provided immediately below.

OASIS www content

Various content served up by the OASIS www apps is generated dynamically using data queried from the Kavi database.  Should the Kavi apps migrate to a Kavi hosted solution, that data would no longer be available. This dynamically generated content would either have to be converted to manually maintained static web pages or the database would need to be manually mirrored and maintained by OASIS staff.

Affected content includes but is not limited to:

Public TC home pages e.g.  OASIS look and feel,  list committees by category, IPR pages, obligation counter …

Member sections: membership lists, member section Committee lists

Membership-based Access Control

Not all features of  OASIS www apps are available  to the general public.   For instance, certain operations on  TC  Wikis and Subversion repositories are available  only to TC members acting in certain roles.  The OASIS tools applications  implement this level of access control "seamlessly" today by reading  TC membership and role data in the shared  backend database.

Should the Kavi apps migrate to a Kavi hosted solution, the data regarding TC membership and roles goes with it and would  no longer be available to OASIS tools.   Maintaining the appearance of seamlessness would require OASIS staff to  manually mirror and maintain TC membership and role data in the Kavi database and make it  accessible to the OASIS tools applications.

As of this writing  52  TC Wikis and 18 TC SVN repositories would  be affected by this.

The ability to restrict access to certain email archives (e.g. Board of Directors) is similarly affected.

Access control for the OASIS  STV ballot application is affected as well.

Public Email Archives

From http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/:

"OASIS hosts a wide variety of mailing lists to enable collaborative work among members, facilitate public input, and communicate with the global community. In support of its commitment to information access as a foundational principle in open standards development, OASIS provides archives for all mailing lists, the majority of which are viewable by the public. The OASIS mailing list archives may be searched using either MarkMail or Google."

OASIS mailing list apps and the Kavi  email functions are driven from a common email data repository. Should the Kavi apps migrate to a Kavi hosted solution, that repository would no longer be available to the OASIS mailing list apps.

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