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Subject: Proposed Charter for OASIS Biometric Open Protocol (BOPS) TC

Dear OASIS members,

I've seen with surprise the proposal for a new TC in OASIS, on BOPS.
After reading serveral times the description of the proposed TC, I must
confess that I do not have a clear idea of what the new TC is proposing
as a protocol. Is it a communication protocol? An authentication
protocol? A cryptographic protocol? etc.
It is also important to see why this work has to be covered by a new TC,
instead of using either the OASIS TC on Biometrics, or even the ISO/IEC
If this work is intended to create a biometric authentication protocol
in client-server application, then the work of the experts proposing the
creation of the new TC, may benefit from joining any of both above
mentioned standardization bodies. In fact, that work could be a layer
over BIAS (formerly defined by OASIS and currently adopted by ISO/IEC
JTC1/SC37 in the 30108 standard).

The creation of a new standardization body will disagregate the
standardization effort, and that will be really bad for the industry.
Therefore I'd like to discourage the proposers about the creation of
such new TC, and invite them to join either OASIS Biometrics TC or

Best regards.


Dr. Raul Sanchez-Reillo
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Dpt. Tecnologia Electronica
Avda. Universidad, 30 (Office 1.2.F.04)
E-28911 Leganes (Madrid) - SPAIN

Tlf:   +34 91 624 8808
Movil: +34 609 766 222
Fax:   +34 91 624 9430

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