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Subject: Requirements: Overarching Purpose

I snatched this from the preamble to a document We're working on in FIATECH (www.fiatech.org).  I will gather more from the same source later.

Future capital facilities will be programmed, designed and constructed to be an intelligent integrated system of systems. These intelligent systems will utilize the data flow from self monitored equipment and systems to manage the actions necessary to ensure conditions and performance necessary to enable safe, secure, and continuously optimized facility operations. Data from these systems will be utilized in the Asset Lifecycle Information System (ALIS) to give facility owners/operators/service providers powerful capabilities for determining the best response to changes in business and/or environmental requirements to ensure continued support for the facility for the intended use, now and in the future.
Facility systems will be totally integrated to utilize data generated during operation to automatically and autonomously activate built-in mechanisms to perform required maintenance and/or repair functions. If necessary, instructions will be automatically communicated to external support systems when the required actions are beyond the capabilities of the built-in mechanisms. A comprehensive network of sensors and decision support systems will provide continuous visibility of operational status and performance, providing trends for systems and flagging problems with recommendations for external intervention.
Information from the embedded systems will provide feedback to future programming/design/ construction operations in support of the business and/or regulatory environment to ensure optimal facility utilization, even during response to crises.

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