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Subject: Requirements: More FIATECH Summaries

Specific Benefit
Owner/Operators (including O&M)/Commercial Real Estate 
- Continuous optimization of performance and profitability across the entire facility life
- Reduced risk, liability, and total cost of ownership
-"Disaster-proof" operations
-Improved ability to respond to changes in the business environment -Facility condition assessment will lead to better and more effective use of funds and personnel 
Occupants/Tenants/Service Providers
Access to information for optimizing operations and tasks.
Feedback of O&M experience and lessons learned to continuously improve design of future facilities.
Feedback of O&M experience and lessons learned to continuously improve future facility designs 
Enable effective facility upgrades, renovations, and conversions to alternate use. 
-Radically reduced time and cost of operational startup and handover
-Accelerated ramp-up to full operating capability
Material/Equipment/Technology Suppliers
Greatly expanded opportunity for product evolution to support next-generation facilities in all sectors of industry.
Insurers/Finance/Energy Providers
Reduction and control of risk (perception).
6. Goals
This element will deliver cost-effective solutions, adaptable to specific operations, to determine optimum facility operating conditions, maintain operations within the performance envelope, provide real-time condition assessment, predict problems before they arise, and enhance performance of the asset over its life cycle.
O&M decisions and service functions will be based on a fully integrated consideration of all lifecycle, environmental, cost, and performance factors supported by accurate, current, and complete data captured from the installed technologies and fed to the Asset Lifecycle Information System.
Self-maintaining, self-repairing facilities, systems, and equipment will enable safe, secure, continuously optimized operations with near-zero downtime and with no undue effects to health, safety, or the environment.
These systems will feed information into the Asset Lifecycle Information System making the data available in every phase of the lifecycle, from project planning and design to construction and to eventual facility decommissioning. The integration of this data fabric will enable better decision making at all levels and through all stakeholders.

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