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Subject: Groups - oBIX Meeting modified

oBIX Meeting has been modified by Toby Considine (toby.considine@fac.unc.edu).

Date:  Tuesday, 29 June 2004
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm Eastern Time

Event Description:
Tridium will be hosting this conference call. 

Phone: 800-838-0546 or 913-905-1404
Passcode: 652627

Proposed Agenda:

5 Minutes Discussion on Clarification to Charter.  If Anyone has concerns, please submit them in writing to the group, as the attempt to do this as a group was hectic, to say the least.

10 Minutes: Clarification of Scope, Purpose of oBIX

10 Minutes: Summary of Work to Date: Aaron Hansen

5 Action Items from Last Week:
-	(ALL) Proposed clarification of the Charter. Please review and be ready to discuss. Please submit further proposed changes to the group.
-	(Anto) Align verbiage on www.obix.org with public charter information from OASIS.
-	(Ken Wacks) Send a description of the liaison levels with ISO, what they mean, and which is the appropriate level for oBIX at this stage.
-	(Toby) Distribute draft of clarified charter for discussion.
-	(All) prepare to discuss further sub-committee formation. 

-	(All) Consider role of recording secretary for oBIX 

5 minutes: Alliances and relationships: Ken Wacks.  AECXML.  UDDI.

10 Minutes: Approaches and Participation: (Carry-over from last time)  Steering committee, want to be able to discuss issues w/o cluttering up all mailboxes; liaisons, agenda, etc.  Open to any, just a different list?

15 Minutes: Approaches and Participation: (Carry-over from last time)
oBIX has already been under way for a year, so there is some culture already in place on the committee that must be relearned for OASIS. Experience has shown that not all members are ready to live in the nitty-gritty of XML, and that other perspectives are necessary to make oBIX be what it should. There is also a strongly felt concern that we provide useful recommendations to users of oBIX as to when and how to use oBIX. We want to get a strong perspective on use cases that Owners Operators, and Tenants would like to get from oBIX, to make sure we continually re-focus on delivering usable value with oBIX. We have also had some participation from several of the 50 different vertical controls markets identified as likely to be in a building. 

To this end, we want to consider the sub-committee structure for oBIX. These subcommittees would allow the more focused members to meet more often on areas of concern, while summarizing back to the overall committee less frequently.

As a starting point, I propose:

oBIX meets once a month.

- The XML Standards sub-committee meets once a week is up and running under Aaron Hansen

-	The Applications and Guidelines sub-committee will discuss when and when not to use oBIX for building controls projects.

-	Roadmap sub-committee As oBIX exposes controls to the enterprise, it grants the enterprise permission to interact with those control systems. This committee will focus on developing use cases and prioritizing development efforts by the other subcommittees.

Other committees:
- Special interest groups meetings (SIGs) for controls vertical industries to clarify the proper abstraction level for each vertical industry. Id prefer to have more than one vendor on each.  We also should look to existing XML/WSDL from the participants as a starting point.

- Interfaces to define relationships between oBIX and related facilities XML dialects (to date, UDDI, GBXML, EBXML, WSDM)

Of course, the actual subcommittee structure will be determined during open meetings, but something consistent with this structure is anticipated.

5 Minutes: discussion on expanding participation

5 Minutes: Summary and Action Items 


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