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Subject: GBXML is updating its schema

I should have sent this out a week ago - it slipped my mind.


Thought some of you would be interested.



"Is minic bhris beal an duine a shron.."
   'Tis often a man's mouth that broke his nose.."
                                   Old Irish saying

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From: John F. Kennedy [mailto:jfk@geopraxis.com]
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 4:34 PM
To: jfk@geopraxis.com
Subject: We need your gbXML proposed revisions


Dear gbXML supporter:


I would like to solicit comments from you regarding the Green Building XML schema for the purposes of enhancing the schema to better meet your needs. I am proposing the schedule below to make a revision to the schema (v.0.35). Current version (v.0.34) can be found at http://www.gbxml.org/schema.htm.

  • March 4 - Open for revision comments.
  • March 25 - Last day for revision comments.
  • March 30 - Publish proposed revisions for voting acceptance.
  • April 8 - All votes and comments due on proposed revisions.
  • April 18 - Publish proposed gbXML v.0.35 schema
  • May 2 - Move proposed gbXML v.0.35 schema to current status.


Please email all proposed revisions and comments to myself. If you have concerns about the schedule please let me know as well.


Please note that proposed revisions that greatly alter the structure of the schema will more then likely not be approved by all supporters.


I appreciate the time you are putting into the schema to better meet your needs.


Lastly, if you know an organization that is using or considering using gbXML please feel free to forward this email on to them.



John F. Kennedy
President & CTO

GeoPraxis, Inc.
707.766.7010 v
707.766.7014 f
707.235.1335 c

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