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Subject: oBIX Progress: Review and Toolkits and IP

 There is some important oBIX news that I am not going to make you meet
to hear:

1) The XML committee has released a v0.12.0 draft. Aaron has requested a
little more time for what he refers to as typos, but if you have a
show-stopping comment, post it for us to see.

2) Brian has updated his open-source oBIX toolkit. See message below.

3) There is apparently a 30 day waiting period between when a committee
requests a transition in IP policy and when the official organizational
vote takes place.  While we may have voted several times on this, the
vote at the F2F in Palm Springs counts as the organizational vote to
request the change in IP. Blame the confusion on procedure on me.

As a point of order, the vote in (3) has nothing to do with when we vote
to release the draft (0.12.1?)as a proposed 1.0 for public review. That
will require 60 days before we respond to comments, so the process in
(3) will be complete before then in any case.


-----Original Message-----
From: Brian Frank [mailto:bfrank@tridium.com] 
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 11:26 AM
To: obix-xml@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [obix-xml] oBIX Java Toolkit v0.12.0 posted

I posted v0.12.0 of the oBIX Java Toolkit to SourceForge:


This brings the open source toolkit up to the latest version of the spec
and sports a new alarm console which works off an

I also did a lot of work on how to map arbitrary contract lists into
strongly typed Java classes.  In the end I do what I always do when I
find the Java language too limiting - I assemble classes on the fly.
This turns out to be a pretty cool feature because you can mix and match
contracts on the fly and still get nice Java interface wrappers:

  Obj obj = ObixDecoder.fromString("<enum is='obix:Point
  verify(obj instanceof obix.Enum);
  verify(obj instanceof obix.contracts.Point);
  verify(obj instanceof obix.contracts.History);                        

Take a look at index.html for more details.

Change Log Version 0.12.0 (1 Jun 06)
 - Support for latest 0.12 object model (feeds)
 - ObixSession support for batch requests
 - Obixc generates only interfaces with contract fields
 - Dynamic class generation for contract mapping
 - obix.ui.View support for watches (with automatic cleanup)
 - AlarmConsoleView on obix:AlarmSubject

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