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Subject: Status of Building Web Service Projects

Good news from our friends on the BACnet WS project - see below.  In late September we completed the public review of oBIX.  Brian and Aaron have worked through the comments and we are now need to discuss our next steps in approval.    Hopefully by the end of the year the industry will have two great XML / Web Service solutions to choose from!
Fellow BACneteers,


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Addendum 135-2004c, BACnet Web Services, has been approved by ASHRAE and ANSI, and that as of this morning it is published on the ASHRAE website at: http://www.ashrae.org/publications/detail/15126


Congratulations and thank you to the XML working group, and convener Mike Newman, for your hard work in developing this new capability and shepherding it through the lengthy and arduous ASHRAE publication process.


Bill Swan

  Chair, ASHRAE/SSPC 135 (BACnet)

  Honeywell Automation and Control Systems



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