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Subject: One more step to Go

The vote closed this morning for the penultimate step for v1.0.  We (as soon as OASIS staff ratify the results) have accepted the minor [editorial only] changes of the current draft as the result the comments and we now have a new Committee Draft.


In the days ahead, we will vote on accepting that draft as a committee standard. While I admit sometimes it seems like a lot of process, it is necessary. With the acceptance of the committee standard we can, if we want,  submit it to the larger OASIS community.


I thank everyone who has worked on this, and read all the efforts, and shared comments. In particular, I want, as always, to thank Brian Frank, whose vision and sweat have imbued the final standard with much of its vitality, and Aaron Hansen, who with great patience and finesse has kept the technical committee moving and its work documented.


Thank you!


Toby Considine




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