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Subject: RE: [obix] Application to have oBIX proceed to becoming an OASIS standard


All good points and something that I believe is worthy of a discussion. I am in favor of a meeting at AHR. LonMark is open to being the host of this meeting on Monday. I believe we have a room as part of the LonMark Connections Educational Program that is available (but only on Monday January 29). I suggest an afternoon meeting from 3-5pm. Let me know the interest level and I’ll work on securing the room.


Ron Bernstein


Your Open Systems Resource

Ron Bernstein
Executive Director


LONMARK International


+1 858-756-9923
+1 408 790-3492
+1 858-232-9900











From: Considine, Toby (Facilities Technology Office) [mailto:Toby.Considine@unc.edu]
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2006 12:12 PM
To: Paul Ehrlich; obix@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [obix] Application to have oBIX proceed to becoming an OASIS standard


As well as looking to becoming an OASIS standard, we also need to begin looking to the future. We know what 1.0 look like, and 1.1 may well be the “Oops” version (if we knew what Oops was, Brian would have dealt with it already).


There are two tasks that come up as possible areas of discussion.


1)      Many OASIS standards have “Implementation TCs”. An Implementation TC comes up, among other things, with a guide to using the standard. An Implementation TC might continue to define what is meant by an enterprise  Often the Implementation TC becomes one of the best sources for requesting features for the next release. Do we want to create an oBIX Implementation TC?


2)      What are the next major goals for oBIX? Who should be on the team? How do we recruit them? When oBIX first started, we talked of an interface for the enterprise. This is a good vision, but one that we have not fully achieved. For an enterprise  programmer to interact with oBIX, there is still too much domain-specific (i.e. controls stuff) for the non-engineer to approach.

The enterprise itself has not sat still while we worked. The enterprise has embraced (with varying levels of understanding and success)service oriented architectures. The facilities acquisition world has changed as the capital acquisitions have encountered IT-rich worlds such as NBIMS, the BuildingSmart initiative, GridWise, and the Zero Energy Building initiatives. Doe these efforts define the new needs for an enterprise oriented face on controls?


Each of these areas invite some rather open-ended discussions this winter.


Is there any interest in a face-2-face (or OASIS interop) at the AHR in January to begin discussing these issues?





From: Paul Ehrlich [mailto:paul@buildingintelligencegroup.com]
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 6:23 PM
To: obix@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [obix] Application to have oBIX proceed to becoming an OASIS standard


Committee Members:


Now that oBIX is an OASIS Committee Standard our next step is to proceed for vote as an OASIS standard.  To do this we are required to do a submission, have it reviewed by staff, and get votes from 15% of OASIS members.  There are a number of requirements involved to get to this step including passing a public review which we have completed.  The one open issue we have is the completion of two additional “certifications”.  These are statements that you have looked at the protocol, not that you have used it in a product.  Applications are only accepted until the 15th of the month.  We got in for the December cycle – with the understanding that we would get the remaining certifications in the next few days.  


Much thanks to OASIS staff for working with us on this.  The success of this project now rests on committee members submitting the certifications and on our work to get general OASIS support for the project.


Our application is attached below.


On a sad note,  we are loosing our technical committee chair, Aaron Hanson, as he move to a new career.  Many thanks to Aaron for his outstanding work and perseverance over the last three years.  It is the hard work that has been done by Aaron and the other technical committee members that has gotten us to this point.



Paul Ehrlich

Co-Chair OASIS oBIX committee





As Co-Chair of the oBIX (Open Building Information Exchange) TC I am submitting the following items to the TC



a) Links to the approved Committee Specification in the TC's document repository


The approved Committee Specification can be found at View Document Details:



Download Document: 



(b) The editable version of all files that are part of the Committee Specification


   See links above.


(c) Certification by the TC that all schema and XML instances included in the specification, whether by inclusion or reference, including fragments of such, are well formed, and that all expressions are valid


The schemas and instances have been extensively tested.    It is available for download at Source Forge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/obix


(d) A clear English-language summary of the specification





(e) A statement regarding the relationship of this specification to similar work of other OASIS TCs or other standards developing organizations


   oBIX version 1.0 is a new document..


(f) Certification by at least three OASIS member organizations that they are successfully using the specification


   The following OASIS member organizations have certified to me

   that they are successfully using oBIX:



Others (TBD)



   Messages to this effect are archived at




(g) The beginning and ending dates of the public review(s), a pointer to the announcement of the public review(s), and a pointer to an account of each of the comments/issues raised during the public review period(s), along with its resolution


oBIX version 1.0 went out for public review on 14 July 2006 and closed on 12 September 2006.





Comment dispositions: No substantive comments were received during the review period.  Two comments where received and the changes where editorial only. Links to the change log are in the archived e-mail link below.






(h) An account of and results of the voting to approve the specification as a Committee Specification, including the date of the ballot and a pointer to the ballot


Voting to approve oBIX Version 1.0 as an OASIS Committee Specification Began 30 November 2006 and ended 6 December  2006.  All but one committee member voted to approve the standard.  One did not vote prior to the ballot closing. d The ballot can be found at:




(i) An account of or pointer to votes and comments received in any earlier attempts to standardize substantially the same specification, together with the originating TC's response to each comment


No prior attempts have been made to standardize oBIX 1.0.


(j) A pointer to the publicly visible comments archive for the originating TC





(k) A pointer to any minority reports submitted by one or more Members who did not vote in favor of approving the Committee Specification, which report may include statements regarding why the member voted against the specification or that the member believes that Substantive Changes were made which have not gone through public review; or certification by the Chair that no minority reports exist


   No negative votes were received, and no minority reports were




Paul Ehrlich


Building Intelligence Group LLC

Co-Chair, OASIS oBIX Technical Committee paul@buildingintelligencegroup.com





Paul Ehrlich, PE


(651) 204-0105



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