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Subject: validity of next links in paginated results

Dear all,

by investigating the use of GeoJSON in the current Google Maps Engine API I stumpled upon a Best Practices document, that has the following to say about "Pagination"[1] (w.r.t. the Google Maps Engine API):

Clients should not depend on the size of a page. Specifying maxResults=1000 does not guarantee that exactly 1000 results will be returned. The number of results may also change between requests.

Your client should detect the presence of a nextPageToken in any response. If present, repeat the request with the addition of a pageToken parameter whose value is the value of nextPageToken.

Any pageToken value is valid for 30 minutes after its construction.

To me this is very close to our specification of client-requested but server-driven paging with the amendment of a guaranteed life-time (automatic server-side resource drop allowance) in the last paragraph (sentence).

Do we have such a (helpful) server-side allowance. It is not of great use with deltas, but with next links in general, isn't it?

What do the others think?

[1]: URL=https://developers.google.com/maps-engine/documentation/best-practices?hl=en#pagination

All the best,


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