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Subject: RE: [odata] Proposal for OData Committee Spec Draft #2

Dear fellow TC Members,

I agree with Mike and Stefan: there's no time like now, so let's take the chance and clean up the documents.


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From: odata@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:odata@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of Stefan Drees
Sent: Thursday, 19. September 2013 07:49
To: Michael Pizzo
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Subject: Re: [odata] Proposal for OData Committee Spec Draft #2

Dear All,

I was hoping, someone else would jump up and propose something like this 
below. I did not do this myself, as I have no time targets/milestones to 
hold but others may.
Personally I just want the v4 to be the best ever and that ideally all 
(at the time of publication) known defects are removed in that version 
of OpenData specification and not published same day alongside in an 
errata document pack. But other members may be impacted by such 
"lateness", so we will need to discuss.

On 2013-09-19 00:14 +02:00, Michael Pizzo wrote:
> ...
> My proposal, for your consideration, is to stop processing known
> editorial issues as errata and to direct the editors to prepare
> new/clean versions of all five specifications (and any related
> components within the three work products). At our meeting on September
> 25th (I would propose we block off 2 hours) we would discuss and vote on
> any normative changes we wanted to apply, and review the final documents
> on Thursday, October 2nd. By the end of the October 2nd meeting we would
> seek committee approval to direct the OASIS Admin to initiate a 15 day
> public review of this new CSD. Assuming no public comment on the few
> normative changes we make we would then vote to have the OASIS Admin
> prepare another week long TC Ballot to promote the new CS2. This would
> put us in early/mid November, at which time we should have our
> statements of use and can initiate the 60 day public review. That public
> review would run through the vacation and complete mid-January, within
> 1-2 weeks of our current schedule but with a much cleaner set of documents.

I strongly second this proposal.
As a user of specs when implementing or building a service on top of it, 
I find it annoying and irritating to have a substantial errata document 
published alongside the main spec with a similar if not the same 
publication date.

> I have asked Ram to add this to the agenda to discuss at out 8am PT 9/18
> meeting, but I wanted to send it out to the TC ahead of time for
> consideration.

I am looking forward participating in this discussion later today.

All the best,

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