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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] Question on the test documents

Put another way, we want this to be an good experience for the participants and perhaps throw in a challenge to them so they see the virtues of continuing the work on interoperability, but we don't want to give them a problem that will just cause frustration.

I presume Florian is thinking about how the Novell/CleverAge ODF/OOXML convertor could fit into this workshop.  To the extent that a convertor is in fact an ODF-producing/ODF-consuming application, it could certainly fit in.  For example, given in advance a sample PDF document, Florian could type it into MS Word, convert it to ODF and submit the ODF document for the interop with other applications at the workshop.  And when receiving ODF documents from other vendors at the workshop, he could convert each to OOXML and show in MS Word.  We'd be essentially treating MS Word + CleverAge together as an "ODF workprocessor."

But in terms of the sample documents, I think we want to focus on ODF and what it can represent.  (Or at least what is specified in ODF.  If you have an example of something that is part of the ODF standard, but which no vendor has implemented, then that might be an interesting 'challenge' problem for the workshop.)


Rob Weir
Software Architect
Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software
IBM Software Group

email: robert_weir@us.ibm.com
phone: 1-978-399-7122
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Louis.Suarez-Potts@Sun.COM wrote on 08/16/2007 07:34:10 PM:

> Hi all,
> On 2007-08-15, at 16:36 , Alan Clark wrote:
> >
> > A question from Florian:
> >
> > Florian Reuter wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >  just a quick question regarding the test documents.
> >
> >  If I have test document where I'm uncertain how the ODF  
> > representation will
> >  look like is it feasable to send them as PDF only?
> I think not. We specified pretty clearly what the point of the ODF  
> Camp is about--to test interoperability among the implementations,  
> not to test the virtues of non-ODF apps producing non-ODF docs. That  
> can be done another time, I would think. If we start down that path  
> for this ODF Camp, we'll never get anywhere. For that reason we are  
> also specifying that this will have to do with text editing only, not  
> the full range of ODF capabilities.
> >
> >  Best regards,
> Ciao
> Louis
> >

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