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Subject: Re: [office-accessibility] Q: ODF 1.1, Soft Page Breaks

Hi Malte.

> > Perhaps it is right to  call it metadata or style information,
> > but surely there must be *something* in the XML document content?
> > The semantic is 'there is a soft page break here'.
> >
> >
> >
> I think you are mixing soft/hard breaks.
> I just wanted to point out: With our specification, only hints for soft
> breaks can be found in the content directly.
> The information about hard breaks comes from styles.
> But seems you are processing them anyway...
dp. Yes, but from content with the contents.xml file (IIRC).
The markup must occur within the content to produce it correctly?

> > Does it make sense that daisy is not a paginated media?
> > Think of an audio book. The audio doesn't have pages, but the print
> > book on which the audio is based is paginated. Different things?
> >
> >
> IMHO the reason for pages in DAISY books is to have them for references
> and as an additional level of navigation.

No Malte. daisy books do not have pages. They have markers
that indicate where a page break occurs in the original print publication.

<pagenum page='normal'>35</pagenum>

This is never used for daisy book pagination, only for navigation
(a bit lik an html anchor?)

> Maybe I was confusing you: You are right, there is currently only that
> one layout and you are influencing it with page size and so on.
> But that's only the implementation in OOo. Other apps might offer
> displaying the same content with different layout in different views.
> One View could render the content in an "horizontal Letter" print
> layout, while the other view renders in a "vertical large print A4"
> Layout, in the same time.

dp. OK, but when I print the document, or save to disk, I need to select
one of the layout (templates) to use? I.e. there is always one selected
or a default.

> >> So storing pagination information in OOo will become an option, the
> >> default will be not to store that information.
> >> Authors should be aware of this.
> >>
> >
> > Yes, I am OK with that. Conversion to daisy format will be
> > a one off occurrence for a document.
> >
> >
> Yes, but it's not so nice that it must be stored in a special way before
> doing the conversion...
> Same category like "tagged PDF should be the default", which is not the
> case because of file size.
> But everything that is optional will not be used in most of the documents.
dp. So long as it is available (as an option), then we can get the
page information?
Are you saying implementors won't implement the 'save with soft page
breaks' option?

> If we had a separate layout stream, that would be the only place to get
> information about *soft* page breaks, because soft page breaks are
> layout, not content.
> But we don't plan to do that right now, I just mentioned it for
> completeness.

dp. I don't understand that, but I'll wait.


Dave Pawson

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