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office-accessibility message

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Subject: first draft minutes, 060810 telcon

Attached, html format.


Dave Pawson
Title: OASIS ODF Accessibility SC Meeting

OASIS ODF Accessibility SC Meeting

Date: 2006-08-10
Time: 1600Z
Venue: Telcon
Date: 2006-08-10T14:25:33.0Z

Version: 1


  • Rich Schwerdtfeger
  • Dave Pawson
  • Pete Brunet
  • David Clark
  • Peter Korn
  • Malte Timmerman
  • Hironobu Takagi
  • Mike Paciello
  • Tatsuya Ishihara
  • Steve Noble
  • Chieko Asakawa


  • Janina Sajka
  • Nathaniel Borenstein
Scribe(s): Dave Pawson


Item. Roll Call

Item. Review & approve previous minutes

Item. Discuss sections (Assignments as follows: 1, 2 Peter Korn. 3, DaveP. 4, Rich S. 5, Janina. 6, Chieko.) - Problems people are having - Additions people would like to see

Item. AOB

1  Minutes approval


2  Guidelines


  • PK. What is the due date?
  • RS. September preferred, due holidays (1 September?)
  • DC When is it due to Oasis?
  • PK. Would prefer incomplete but earlier.
  • RS. Like a finished version by end November.
  • Agreement stated.
  • RS. Draft by mid September?
  • PK. Guessing 3 people will be involved in September meetings (508 refresh work). Hence nicer to get drafts in advance of that. End Aug for first draft?
  • PK. MP has a group doing technical editing - would they be OK to review this?
  • DC. Is it OK for public to review? Agreed Allowable.
  • PK. Now 1.1 is open, should be OK. Could improve the document quality. Could post sections to a public location, then ask for feedback.
  • MP. Will contact a couple people and put in touch with RS and PK.

3  RS. Main Working group have asked about our charter and timeframe for 1.2 and guidelines.

DISCUSSION: Peter asked for response from group

  • PK. Use Edinburgh ideas? Needs refining. Could be a starting point. No timeframes yet.
  • RS. I said tables and presentations could be top priorities. Also issue with subtables from HT.
  • HT. Complicated subtables (nested). These are combined into one table, from XML point of view, these are nested. It is the difference between visual appearance and semantics.
  • PB. Numbering scheme is confused by this.
  • Rs. Could ask that they be deprecated? May not be realistic.
  • PK. Conversion to good markup is better. A standard algorithm would help.
  • HT. Table in writer. Split one cell into two. Visually one cell, however new cell is actually a table. Will summarise and send example to list. Action HT.
  • PB. When a cell is split, implemented as subtable.
  • PK. MT, are you familiar with this?
  • MT. No
  • PB. There is a bugzilla related to this. Please include reference to this HT.
  • PK. Skip next week or have earlier telcon to cover Edinburgh meeting. Wednesday proposed. MP out Tues, Wed. Back Thurs, Friday.
  • PK. Day two minutes from Edinburgh. DP to post, PK to post agenda.
  • CA. I sent example charts. (Not received by DP). 4 example charts. Looking for more examples. Agenda item for next week please.
  • PK. Nested tables, Assignments progress, 1.2 plans, CA diagrams. CA will not attend, offered apologies, please put to future meeting.
  • RS, PK. When finished, what level of approval? Suggest committee specification. Then we can update more frequently. Target due date December 2006.
  • RS. Also asked for a charter template. Current charter is on the website.
  • PK. Suggest 'ongoing review of ODf spec and specific deliverables, e.g. guidelines and work for 1.2'
  • PK. Content accessibility, good tools for encoding and testing that information. Also end user documentation. E.g. suggested topics, languages. E.g. tool makes it easy for an author to produce accessible ODF documents. Could explain why these are imortant.
  • DC. Need to keep it at a conceptual level. Not an implementation guide. An implementors guide.
  • PB. An accessibility checker would be a class of application.

Action item: Post Future work to list

Who? DP

Due date: ASAP

Action item: Re-post images to list, with explanation

Who? CA

Due date: Next week.

The Oasis irc server is irc.oasis-open.org, channel &office-accessibility

Summary of Actions


Action item: Post Future work to list

Due date: ASAP


Action item: Re-post images to list, with explanation

Due date: Next week.

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