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Subject: Re: [office-accessibility] Q: ODF 1.1, Soft Page Breaks

Dave, Malte,

Dave Pawson wrote:
> Hi Malte.
> On 11/08/06, Malte Timmermann <Malte.Timmermann@sun.com> wrote:
>> I have some question and annotations to Soft Page Breaks.
>> Section "Use Soft Page Breaks":
>> An application that computes a paginated layout of a document should
>> provide a facility to turn on soft page breaks for the purposes of
>> consistent page breaks and for proper conversion to digital talking book
>> formats (such as [DAISY]).
>> What do we want to say here:
>> - turn on *export of* soft page breaks
>>       or
>> - turn on *using exported soft page breaks for pagination*
>> It can't be both. ODF Apps can much easier export them than using them
>> for layout.
>> I assume we talk about export here...
> For Daisy, I am only interested in the XML I get from an ODF file,
> so the 'export soft page breaks' interpretation is good for me.

I also think "export of" was what we intended to say.

Shall I forward this to the TC?


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