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office-accessibility message

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Subject: minutes 060816 draft

Attached, html format.


Dave Pawson
Title: OASIS ODF Accessibility SC Meeting

OASIS ODF Accessibility SC Meeting

Date: 2006-08-16T15:46:30.0Z
Time: 1600Z
Venue: Telcon
Date: 2006-08-16T15:46:36.0Z

Version: 1


  • Rich Schwerdtfeger
  • Dave Pawson
  • David Clark
  • Peter Korn


  • Pete Brunet
  • Janina Sajka
  • Malte Timmerman
  • Chieko Asakawa
  • Hironobu Takagi
  • Mike Paciello
  • Tatsuya Ishihara
  • Steve Noble
Scribe(s): Dave Pawson


Item. Roll Call

Item. Review & approve previous minutes

Item. Discuss sections (Assignments as follows: 1, 2 Peter Korn. 3, DaveP. 4, Rich S. 5, Janina. 6, Chieko.) - Problems people are having - Additions people would like to see

Item. Discussion of goals for a11y SC for ODF > 1.1 (see below, and also see posting from Dave Pawson: Oasis)

Item. Issue of nested tables in Writer (HTML examples provided by Hiro)

Item. Review Cheiko's diagrams/charts: Oasis

1  Roll call, Minutes approval

DISCUSSION: As per attendance . Minutes. Agreed, remove Nathaniel from regrets. Approved.

2  Guidelines. Updates from Accessibility Guidelines authors (drafts due September 7th; draft to share with TC by end of Sept., finished by end of November)

DISCUSSION: PK. RS DP have submitted. Not to be reviewed today.

3  Goals discussion.

DISCUSSION: PK. Access to slides problem is broader than just navigation. E.g. how to encode freeform content. How to present it etc.

  • RS. Structural and relational semantics are important.
  • PK. Usability of slides is key.
  • DP. Consistant interface for similar operations across a suites applications.
  • PK. Good for our guidelines document. Blurs between general usability and accessibility.
  • DC. No different from general usability across suite applications.
  • DP. General agreement on Edinburgh goals, but need refinement.
  • DC. Need to be responsive to what the TC introduce in 1.2.
  • RS away till Aug 30.

4  Charter.

DISCUSSION: See call for this

  • DC. We're a subcomm. Once we've completed, how do we self perpetuate. Goals should be to work ourselves out of a job, when Main committee understand the issue and can continue our work.
  • PK. Main committee doesn't yet have that understanding. As ODF continues to grow, someone needs to review those.
  • DC. We should always be concious of this position. Keep this as an issue.
  • PK. We did what the main committee wanted of us, but noted that there are other tasks beyond 1.1. We could go dormant.
  • DP. Query the modified statement of purpose, we seem not to be doing that overtly.
  • DC. Note that we are representative of and have contacts with the community mentioned.
  • DP. Propose reduce goal 1 to... To provide the main committe with accessibility related comments and suggestions on the OpenDocument specification.
  • RS. We should also involve AT vendors, as I have been doing. We have not sent out drafts to such vendors. We could say we will incorporate feedback from AT vendors and people from the disability community.
  • PK. 1. Ongoing review of the OpenDocument specification for accessibility,both to discover potential accessibility issues and to improve the usability and functionality of creating, reading, and editing officedocuments. 2. Involve different stakeholders in document accessibility. These include disability organizations, accessibility experts and accessibility research organizations, assistive technology developers, ODF implementors, and other interested parties. 3. To feed back to the OpenDocument TC...
  • DP. Prefer briefer statement.
  • RS. For a statement of purpose should have a more general goal, kept at the higher level.
  • PK. Purpose. 1. Ongoing review of the OpenDocument specification for accessibility,both to discover potential accessibility issues and to improve theusability and functionality of creating, reading, and editing officedocuments for people with disabilities. 2. To provide accessibility related feedback to the OpenDocument Technical Committee and implementors of the OpenDocument specification.
  • PK. Deliverables:  1. Accessibility related guidelines for OpenDocument implementors and users.  2. Proposals for accessibility enhancements to the OpenDocument specification.

The Oasis irc server is irc.oasis-open.org, channel &office-accessibility

Summary of Actions

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