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Subject: typo in the guideline document

There is a typo in the guideline document.
<svg:description> should be <svg:desc>.

Thank you.

Hironobu Takagi, PhD.
User Experience and Accessibility Technology
Tokyo Research Laboratory, IBM Research
E-mail: takagih@jp.ibm.com

----- Forwarded by Hironobu Takagi/Japan/IBM on 2007/07/05 10:58 -----
Tatsuya Ishihara/Japan/IBM
To: Hironobu Takagi/Japan/IBM@IBMJP
Subject:   Fw: [office-accessibility] OASIS ODF a11y SC meeting Thursday, 5July07 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET
From: Tatsuya Ishihara/Japan/IBM - Thursday, July 5, 2007, 10:34

Please forward this mail to ODF subcommitee mailing list.

There are some typo in guideline document.

<svg:desc> element (alternative text element for graphics) is
referred as <svg:description> several times.

Best regards.

Tatsuya Ishihara
IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory (Mail Code: LAB-S77)
E-mail : tisihara@jp.ibm.com
Tel: +81-46(215)4978     Fax: +81-46(274)4282

----- Forwarded by Tatsuya Ishihara/Japan/IBM on 2007/07/05 10:26 -----
Peter Korn <Peter.Korn@Sun.COM>
Sent by: Peter.Korn@Sun.COM

2007/07/04 15:10

[office-accessibility] OASIS ODF a11y SC meeting Thursday, 5July07 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET


Rich has handed me back the reins this week, and I'd like to have a
brief meeting this week to talk about a few things.  I hope you all are
able to join in!

Connection info:

Thursday 5July07; 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET
1-866-839-8145 (US toll free)
1-865-524-6352 (Intl)
code: 6560654#

IRC: http://irc.oasis-open.org
channel: "&office-accessibility"

Suggested agenda:

1) Approve minutes for last ODF Accessibility SC Meeting

2) Status of ODF 1.1 Accessibility Guidelines?  I believe everything is
done.  Please see draft #26 at:
and also attached.  Any last comments/reviews?

3) News items:
   - Sun released the ODF Plug-in for Microsoft Office (so MS-Office can
     read/write ODF files directly)
   - Microsoft published the white paper ""Accessibility of Ecma Office
     Open XML File Formats"
    [for more, please see: http://blogs.sun.com/korn/date/20070703]

4) Question: should we produce a document similar to the MS doc?


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
[添付ファイル "ODF_Accessibility_Guidelines_26_5July2007.odt" は Tatsuya Ishihara/Japan/IBM が削除しました]

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