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Subject: Minutes ODF AccSC meeting July 05, 2007

Attendees: Peter Korn, Malte Timmerman, Tatsuya Ishihara, Pete Brunet, Rich Schwerdtfeger, Hiro Takagi, Chieko Asakawa, Mike Paciello

Minutes from last meeting - not available; will be posted

1.1 Guidelines:
Hiro pointed out a typo, i.e. use svg:desc instead of svg:description.
Guidelines need to be reviewed over the next week and closed out.
Peter will post the current draft as an internal committee draft, after one week will post as external committee draft.

Sun announced v1.0 of an ODF plugin for MS Office.  It's a free download.  It runs on Office 2000, 2003, and XP (running on XP and Vista).  It reads and writes ODF files natively. It has been tested quite a bit with ATs.  It's a ODF 1.0 offering, not ODF 1.1.
See http://blogs.sun.com/korn/entry/sun_s_opendocument_format_plugin

Microsoft published an a11y review Open XML.  The reviewed it against WCAG 1.0 and the W3C XML Accessibility Guidelines.
See http://openxmldeveloper.org/archive/2007/07/02/Accessibility_of_Open_XML.aspx
In particular download http://openxmldeveloper.org/attachment/1718.ashx
Peter Korn reviewed it.  See http://blogs.sun.com/korn/entry/reviewing_the_a_href_http
Discussion during the meeting...
Peter K: table header support not as good as ODF:  WCAG 1.0 section 5.2
Rich: I think ODF has the same problem, could add this to our 1.2 work
Peter/Rich: Don't think we have support for multi row headers.  We do have support for multi col headers.
Rich: They support row and col headers (according to assessment doc).
Rich: Can entire tables be embedded into a cell, with the embedded table having its own row/col headers?
Hiro: I will look into this issue and report back.
Peter: Section 9.4 - Tab order is not supported.
Peter: Section 10.2 - No association of labels and form controls.
Hiro:  MS lacks longdesc (not a comment on the self assessment)
Peter: Section 12.2 - Purpose of frames and how frames relate to each other
Rich: They shouldn't compare to WCAG.  That's for web docs.  WCAG shouldn't be litmus test of document a11y.
Peter: Section 12.4 - Associate labels explicitly with their form controls.  ODF handles it via xforms.
Peter: Section 12.4 is similar to but more global than 10.2.

Rich:  Highlight advantages of ODF 1.1 in a white paper.
Mike: The theme should be ODF is a standard, not focused on competition with Open XML
Peter: Customers want to know the deltas, want to know what the Open XML failings are and what ODF provides.
Rich: Should we focus on 1.2 which is raising the bar?
Peter: We need a doc based on 1.1
Rich: Shouldn't cover feature by feature.
Peter: We just want to focus on a11y (our charter).
Rich: A short 2 page white paper?
Peter: yes
Rich: Keep it positive, raising the bar, not focused on Open XMLs failures.
Peter:  1) Is ODF a11y missing anything, e.g multi level col headers), 2) does ODF have features Open XML doesn't (like long desc, nav order).  Important when translating an ODF doc to a MS Office doc.
Rich: We can give the whitepaper to the TC to distribute as needed.

Hiro: In the report, can't find any mention of spreadsheet and presentation.  In ODF all tables use the same tagset.  Open XML uses different tagsets for word, spreadsheet, presentation.  It's difficult to compare.
Peter: We don't know enough about the review, e.g. word processor only?  Who did this review?  How thoughtful, independent, thorough?  From the writing style it looks like two reviewers.  All we can do is to use the negatives that were published on OpenXMLDeveloper.org.

Mike: We need a whitepaper on what our team is doing; what has been produced.  We need a massive educational effort.
Peter: Do we need a doc similar to the MS report?
Rich: no
Mike: need a doc for awareness?
Rich: yes
Mike: Be positive, forward thinking.  This is especially needed in non-US countries.
Peter:  How would whitepaper be used?
Mike:  As a springboard

Action items:
1) Hiro/Chieko - finish reviewing the report; look at multi row/col headers
2) Peter Korn: Note potential items that have a11y impacts; continue work done on blog.
3) All:  What doc should be created?  Who would do the work?  Should tagging examples be included?
4) Mike: Provide thoughts on what should be in the whitepaper
5) All Review the latest draft of the ODF 1.1 guidelines.
6) Mike: Post minutes from 6/21

Pete Brunet

IBM Accessibility Architecture and Development
11501 Burnet Road, MS 9022E004, Austin, TX 78758
Voice: (512) 838-4594, TL 678-4594, Fax: (512) 838-9666
Ionosphere: WS4G

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