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Subject: table:is-subtable discussion during office TC call today

table:is-subtable was discussed again at the office TC call today.  The consensus remained to change the wording in the spec to discourage the use of table:is-subtable for splits and joins.  The remaining question was our request for use cases of other examples of table:is-subtable.  The example given during the call was a sudoku grid which is a top level 3x3 table with 3x3 tables inserted into each of that top level table's nine cells.  Here is an example on the web.


Pete Brunet

IBM Accessibility Architecture and Development
11501 Burnet Road, MS 9022E004, Austin, TX 78758
Voice: (512) 838-4594, TL 678-4594, Fax: (512) 838-9666
Ionosphere: WS4G

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