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Subject: IRC log from today's meeting - 2014-06-04

Please find some notes of our call, but no IRC log of today's meeting below. 
Our next meeting will be next year on the 18th of June.


The teleconference login data for next call will be found in
    the OASIS calendar event (URL above).

Attendees: Oliver, Svante

Oliver and I had a nice discussion about ODF the past, present and future.
Some notable points about the future that we talked about:
  1. It would be helpful to have face2face meetings for ODF OASIS TC similar to the W3C working groups, as in reality the best progress is being made, when you can dedicate yourself a day or two fully on finishing a problem/specification. Perhaps in conjunction of an ODF application fair / meeting.
  2. ODF should not have only a single (?) conformance clause of being able to write/read a document, but profiles with feature sets, e.g. text, spreadsheet, web, business, etc.
  3. Tests should be provided with ODF (any standard) to verify the correctness of a conformance feature. Operations are a key part in it, as no longer loading & saving is the only testable criteria, but as well loading, applying operations and saving.
  4. There is a huge gap between the agile software development and today's standardization turn-around times. For instance, the voting process or the writing of ISO errata took ages last time I did it at Sun. Oliver and I both had some wild ideas to close this gap.
  5. I personally wondered, why there is not "Meta" ISO standard for having an open standard. Similar as it is possible to write testable source code, it is possible to write testable specification. This should be targeted ex cathedra. I personally would love to saddle my horse to ride against such windmills. Any references of a solution are most welcome..

Best regards,

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