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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Open Office XML and SyncML

Patrick Gannon wrote:
> Open Office TC,
> Can you tell me if the scope of the Open Office XML Format TC will include
> defining data elements normally contained in auxiliary personal office
> applications such as contact managers and personal calendars?
> If so, have you discussed liaisoning with other OASIS TCs of WGs of external
> organizations?  While speaking today at the SyncML congress, I was struck by
> a potential need for liaisoning around standardized data elements for such
> contact manager and calendar data.

This has come up in a number of forums over the last few years,
and I've seen (and participated in) a number of discussions about
what to include and omit, and who should take responsibility for
collecting the various threads together. We even went so far as to
run up a straw man for one group where it seemed that there was
a strong desire to follow any available standard if there was one
(http://silmaril.ie/downloads/software/eml/) but there wasn't :-)
That particular group did throw up a huge number of user requirements
that surprised me: the things people want to do with date/time data
are far more extensive than most of us can imagine.

Peter Flynn             P +353 87 807 8172            SGML, XML, XSL
Silmaril Consultants    F +353 21 434 6029            Linux systems
Cork, Ireland           W http://www.silmaril.ie/     LaTeX typesetting

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