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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Public Comment

By the way, I don't want to leave the wrong impression.
I actually think that OpenDocument
is quite good in a lot of ways, and I commend
its (many) developers.   You can tell this was
developed by a collaboration of multiple
product developers (OpenOffice/StarOffice, KDE,
Corel/WordPerfect) and users (National Archives
of Australia, Society of Biblical Literature)
working together... just what you'd like to see.

I've sent in a number of
comments, but they've all been in the spirit of
making a good thing better.  It's just in this
one case (specifying formulas) I disagree with
the committee members. And in this case, it's
not because spec specifies the "wrong thing",
it's because the spec is silent in an
area that I believe it should speak.

--- David A. Wheeler

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